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Humanitarian Relief

World Class Shipping specializes in coordinating large scale disaster relief projects and humanitarian airlifts across the globe. We are on alert to help all types of non profits, government agencies and AID groups quickly reach those affected by disasters.

We coordinate international airlifts and air charters and transport of relief supplies and vehicles door to door to all affected areas of the globe.


WCS coordinates and supervises full airlifts of food, medicine, shelters, power generation equipment, water purification systems, aid vehicle, relief staff and much more a disaster stricken zone. We are on call 24/7 to secure and book a cargo plane and begin staging operations at any airport of your choosing.

Ocean Freight

WCS provides ocean freight services to all affected islands. Our premium ocean cargo offerings include full containers loads, LCL, Roro Freight and sea charters for heavy equipment. WCS is in call 24/7 to provide logistics service to disaster affected areas throughout the globe.

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma was one ofthe most powerful hurricanes ever to cross the Atlantic and caused widespread destruction across the Caribbean and East coast. The massive deadly hurricane has decimated the island of Barbuda, St Martin, Turks and Caicos, The Florida keys and the gulf coast leaving all affected areas in extreme need of all basic necessities for human survival.

Earthquake in Mexico City

An earthquake measuring 7.4 on the richter scale has rattled Mexico City and caused widespread death & destruction. Many people are still missing underneath the rubble and in need of rescue. Survivors will be in need of food, shelter and basic necessities. WCS is nearby aand on call for aid headed to this region.

Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria is currently headed straight towards the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. It has already lashed the US Virgin Islands, St Croix, St. Thomas & St. John. Maria is on course to inflict further damage on the Dominican Republic and Haiti as well. WCS is keeping track of the storm and the needs of our clients in need of disaster relief logistics services.


What is needed

Our past expertise in coordinating airlifts to earthquake, tsunami and flood victims has given us a handle on which items are most practical for those in a disaster zone. If you are an individual or members of a group that wishes to donate, please consider the following.

  • gas generators
  • water purifiers
  • ATV/Quads
  • tarpalines
  • sheets and blankets
  • medicines
  • canned food
  • dried food
  • clothing


hurricane irma, relief, airlifts


Irma Affected Islands and Regions

Irma has cut a swath of destruction across the entire northwestern Caribbean and is threatening Puerto Rico, Cuba, The Bahamas, Florida and the east Coast of the United States.

We service the following Caribbean islands for disaster relief and reconstruction:

Barbuda, Antigua, Turks and Caicos, Anguilla, St. Martin, U.S Virgin Islands, St Croix, St. Thomas,  St. John, British Virgin Islands, Tortola, Puerto Rico, Vieques, The Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, The Bahamas. 



What we do

WCS coordinates all aspects of organizing a humanitarian airlift, from consolidating donations, to global transport to delivery to victims on the ground

  • We secure the aircraft and flight crew who will be flying, loading & offloading the airplane.
  • We secure a runway or warehouse at an international airport and create a staging area. This is where the goods will be sent for consolidation and loading onto the cargo aircraft.
  • WCS creates all documentation and legalization papers for export. All manifests, airway bills, export certificates and invoices are cut by our staff.
  • We secure, consolidate and properly palletize all relief goods and supplies for loading onto cargo aircraft.
  • We track all items, deliver reports to our clients and NGO partners each step of the way. Track and trace of all supplies to delivery on the ground.


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