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Get an import USA quote like a pro!

WCS offers fast and accurate quotes on import shipments to the USA which often include freight, brokerage, duty fee’s, customs bonds, and even more. So many items to worry about and some of it is your responsibility. So to make the importing process easier, we provide this page to give it to you step by step!


Get a Quote

Fill out the quote inquiry form which gives us all the necessary details about you and your shipment.

Get a Quote!

The Power of Attorney

Download, fill out and return the Power of Attorney form to WCS shortly after you agree on our quotation. This gives us the right to administer our imports.

Fill out the ISF Infopack

Download the ISF Infopack and fill out and return the ISF application form. The ISF is necessary for all importers to the USA for security reasons and is mandated by U.S. Customs.

You will need the following documents

Aside from filling out your quote inquiry form. You will need to fill out and send us these documents in order to start importing with WCS.

Power of Attorney

This form allows WCS to take charge of your freight when it reaches a U.S. port, taking care of all import matters on your behalf.

ISF Instruction Sheet

This sheet instructs the importer on Importer Security Filing procedures which needs to be filled out and submitted to WCS before the shipment heads to a U.S. port.

Download ISF Infopack


ISF Infopack
ISF Infopack
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